HEXED was formed in 2015 by Lead-Vocalist Tina Gunnarsson and Guitarist/backing-vocalist Stellan Gunnarsson in Uppsala, Sweden.

Both of them played in several bands before and had an early history in the metal scene and of music composing. Now they wanted to create and write music together, something completely new. When the song writing started they knew exactly what kind of sound and style they were aiming for. Since both of them had the source of inspiration from bands such as Queensrÿche, Crimson Glory and Pagans Mind,

they knew that they wanted to create metal music with focus on strong and powerful vocals combined with melodic guitars.

When the songs and preproduction was done and when recordings was about to start they had to find members who got the qualitys required to setup the band. The driven Bass player Daniel Håkansson who played earlier in other metal bands were chosen to take place along with the experienced musician Teddy Möller on drums.

In 2018 Teddy left the drums to be the second guitarist

along with Stellan. Simon Aspsund took over the role as the new drummer in Hexed.


The debut single and first lyric video “Dreams” was launched in the beginning of May 2016. Meanwhile the album“Netherworld”was recorded and produced in 2017, HEXED released their second official music video “Exhaling Life”. Both the song and video contains amazing guest-vocals from Thomas Vikström-Therion, Candlemass and it is filmed and produced by Magnus Ewald who also has made videos for bands like Liv Sin, Crucified Barbara, Firespawn etc. The third single and lyric video Lightyears was released in May 2017. The interest and response for HEXED after the early releases was overwhelming and HEXED got several proposals to consider and are now proud for the decision to sign with Thomas Hörnkvist at ViciSolum Productions.

The Swedish metal label has already several established bands in its row such as Persefone, Loch Vostok, Poem.

In the beginning of February 2018 HEXED also inked a deal with Lars F. Larsen and Intromental Management who are located in Denmark.They have a solid base with many talented and successful bands under their label.


Finally HEXED debut album “Netherworld” was released worldwide March 30 -2018. Together with the album, the opening track Obedience was released as a lyric video. This video was filmed by Dennis Gunnarsson and edited and produced by Mattias Norén. The full album contains 10 tracks, and in addition to Thomas Vikström's involvement, you can also hear powerful guest-vocals from the amazing singer Ronny Hemlin - Tad Morose on the last track "Remake My Soul".


The Netherworld album is produced and recorded by Stellan at Blueflame and HEXED Studios. All the vocals are produced and recorded together with the

talented Diztord at TB Music Productions.

The album is mastered by Stellan and the mighty Jouni Niemi at Big Jambo Studios. All the amazing cover-art for the single releases and for the album Netherworld are made by the fantastic Mattias Norén at ProgArt Media who also made covers for many amazing bands like Epica, Kamelot, Evergrey.


In due time, metal fans around the globe will be split into two groups.

Those who already are HEXED and those who are about to be!

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Frederik Blieck - Musika (BE) 89/100

“All excellent songs, contagious as the plague, a fantastic sound, great vocals by Tina Gunnarson. Top notch production this has to be a topper in my opinion”


Tamar van der List - Lyrical Spell Magazine (NL) 10/10

“Mark my words, this band is gonna come far, and

therefore I rate Netherworld by HEXED to a 10 out of 10”




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